Have you considered having a special ceremony to celebrate your Engagement? You can make your engagement party even more special, surprising guests by celebrating the occasion with an Official Betrothal Ceremony.

A Betrothal Ceremony is an ancient practice. It differs from an Engagement in so much as it is a promise, a contract, or agreement – not merely an intention; and, like all contracts, it must be entered into with a sincere and measured deliberation.

It must be free from force, and fear; the promise given must be mutual and lastly, this contract, like marriage can only exist between two people who are free to marry according to law.

  • The betrothal is a promise of future marriage, and therefore it is different from the marriage itself.
  • An engagement is the expression of Intent to marry, not the definite commitment to do so on a certain date. Is the period between two stages in your lives.

•  Couples who are not in a financial position to invite all of their closest friends and family to a big formal wedding. So they choose the less expensive and informal setting of the Engagement, but with a ceremony that is like a traditional wedding ceremony.